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How do I implement a choice in "My Menu"?

edited May 2016 Posted in » Nikon D5300 Forum
I have selected several routines in the "My Menu" option. How do I get them to work once selected? For instance, I have placed in one setting to do a delayed timer (10 seconds) and 4 shots. I choose that option in my menu, exit out of menu, and press the shutter release - one immediate shot. Same thing without exiting "my Menu". Also just one immediate shot without delay.

How do I implement the choice once selected?


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    I am looking at the instructions here (don't have that model to try out), and it appears from what I read that "My Menu" only brings certain menu choices into a central location. You still have to go to those menu entries and set the choices as usual. It's just a way to get commonly used menu entries into one screen so you don't have to open different menus. If a selection such as Picture Control is made, it should persist until it's changed again.

    I may be misunderstanding here, but on the D3200, one of the settings that does not persist is the self-timer. You must re-enter the shooting mode menu for each self timer shot.
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    So the function of "My Menu" is simply to show you some functions that you have chosen to place there? That seems kinda useless.

    I was assuming that there is some way to access a chosen function from "My Menu" instead of from the "Menu" button, and drilling down to the desired function.

    I can't see any use for My Menu if the only thing that it does is to show you some of your favorite settings.
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    I would tend to agree, though I think it is marginally handy to be able to gather some of your favorite menu settings on one pane. If there are things you often tend to change, it's handy not to have to dig for them. For example, I find myself often needing to switch between manual and TTL flash, and wouldn't mind quicker access to Picture Control and Auto ISO settings, but it certainly does seem to fall short of greatness.
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