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Camera screen too bright

edited May 2016 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
My Nikon D3200 camera shows me a bright image, but when I transfer the same picture onto the computer, it shows me a very dark looking image.


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    If you mean the Live View viewfinder image:

    The Live View screen has its own exposure compensation and does not reflect the exposure value you have set.

    This is a choice of the camera maker. In the past some LV screens have registered exposure changes, but this is rarely done nowadays.

    If you are doing manual exposure, you'll have to use the meter and set the camera according to that (or to your own estimation if you're disobeying the meter) and not to what you see on the screen.

    You also will not see changes in aperture on the LV screen. When you switch to LV from the viewfinder, it will start at whatever aperture you were set at. You can change the aperture for the exposure and it will expose as you set it, but it will not show on the screen view.

    If your problem is that the preview of an exposure is not matching what the computer sees, then this is a different issue. The first thing I'd look at is the computer, to see if the program you're using might be set wrong. Generally speaking, the preview image should be pretty close to what gets sent to the computer.

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    I have tried on another computer, but I am getting the same result; brighter image on LCD, but dark on the computer screen.
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    I have a Nikon D3000 too, and with the same LCD brightness on the
    D3000 and D3200, and other settings also set the same, I am not getting true brightness on my D3200. The D3000 is doing well with perfect results that are exactly what I see on camera LCD and computer screen. I don't know what's wrong with my Nikon D3200.
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    Thanks for your reply and your suggestion, it's much appreciated.
  • That does seem odd.

    If you have both cameras available, I would suggest you use them to take essentially the same picture with the same settings, and then see if the EXIF information for the images matches. You can get the information from many computer image reading programs, or you can enable it in the camera's preview menu and see it on the display there.

    If for some reason the D3200 is making a different exposure, perhaps there's a setting somewhere that can be restored.

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    I have tried taking the same picture with the same settings in both cameras, but the D3200 still fails.

    Thanks for your suggestions and replies.

    My camera is still under warranty, so I have decided to take this to the Nikon service center. Hope they can help me out with this problem.
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