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Photos not as clear/sharp when uploaded to computer

edited April 2016 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
For awhile now my photos haven't really been clear when I upload them to my computer. I'm barely getting into photography and I've played around with the shutter speed, aperture, image size, ISO (not sure if any of those even matter for sharp/clear photos), and it always comes out the same when importing them to my computer. Am I doing something wrong, while shooting? I feel like my focusing is at a good level.


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    What programs are you using, and what settings on the camera? Some viewing programs look sharper than others, and some may need more sharpening, or may not pick up the camera's sharpening.

    It's also possible that what looks good on the small camera screen just is not as good as you hope.

    If you have the View NX2 program, try taking a shot in Raw mode, and open it in View NX2. Use the lowest ISO you can, keep your shutter speed above 1/30, use single point auto focus, and try to keep your aperture somewhere in the area between wide open and f/11, with f/8 often the sharpest.

    Take a careful picture, and open it in View NX2. You will then see it at its sharpest. You can magnify details.

    If you must shoot JPG, make sure you use the least compression and the largest size possible.
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    I'm a newbie to DSLR. Will got through your points. Thank you.
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