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Canon 60D capabilities

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Hi everyone, I'm extremely new to photography and I'm looking to buy a DSLR soon. I've had a 1200D in the past, and while it taught me a lot about aperture and basic settings, I found it quite limited in its capabilities. This could very well have just been me not knowing the camera properly, but when I tried experimenting with shutter speeds and getting images of traffic, etc., that have the classic traffic blurred but buildings focused images, the 1200D didn't seem to allow me to keep the shutter open for very long. I'm looking for a camera that will allow me to keep the shutter open for quite a long time to do star photography and motorways. Is the 60D suitable? I'm hoping to get a camera that gives me more creative freedom that the 1200D did, but hoping to avoid having to pay thousands for one. Please help! Thanks!


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    Yes the 60D is more than capable, but it does have quite a steep learning curve which you would find if you browsed these forums.
    It is also old technology and good condition units are getting harder to find.
    The good news is that the latest consumer cameras from Canon such as the 760D are all capable of the things you want to do.
    Maybe I shouldn't say this as a Canon user myself (cries of traitor, traitor I hear), but I would suggest you also look at the offerings of Canon's rivals. There is so much good technology out there at the moment.
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