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Locating or setting the histogram

edited April 2016 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
How do I locate or set the histogram? Please help.


  • edited April 2016
    I think it's the same or nearly the same as on the D3200.

    Go to the playback menu, and look for "playback display options". That will include a submenu for "additional photo info". Open that, and you will get a list of playback options, each with a box you can check.

    There are actually two sets of histograms. The most useful one is the all-in-one exposure histogram found in the "Overview". There is also an "RGB Histogram" display which shows the four separate histograms, white (combined), and one for R, G and B separately.

    When you have checked multiple playback options, you can switch between them using the up and down arrows on the camera back. The left-right arrows act as usual to go through the images, and whichever display option you have chosen will remain on until you choose a different one.

    I usually leave mine on the overview, which includes the histogram, a small image, and the most useful exposure information, and use the other options as needed.

    Various resources can be found on how to read a histogram, and how to use it to correct exposure, so I'll skip it here.
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