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XP ViewNX 2 update

edited April 2016 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
I'm new here to the forum. I just installed the NX 2 from my CD (purchased camera 2 years ago) to be able to process my photos. I checked to see if there was an update; there was but not for my operating system. I'm running XP PRO (SP3) on my self-built PC. Is there an update in the airwaves that I can grab?


  • I don't think there is an NX2 update for Windows XP. Nikon has changed software suppliers, and no longer updates the NX2 family at all, now giving out Capture NXD and some variants.

    I think if you hunt long enough, you might find an Xp compatible version of the newer Capture NXD program, but that too is not currently available for XP and the earliest versions of that have some bugs, I think. Even if you do find one, don't get rid of NX2.

    I would stick with View NX2. The version that came with the D3200 works well. Most of the updates have concerned themselves with reading the output of other cameras. I have a couple of later versions (on post-XP machines) and there's no discernible difference except for what cameras they will read from.

    All the Nikon programs, by the way, seem to be rather slow, so you are not likely to get any improvement there from updates. When I got a new Windows 10 laptop recently, I downloaded the latest 64 bit version of Capture NX-D (the other free Nikon program, which resembles NX2 but has some added features), and it was just as slow as ever.

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    Thanks for the reply.
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