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Is there an easy program/editor that I can use as I am struggling with the EXIF (the bit that shows what the settings are that the camera used to take the picture)? I can see the settings of the photos that are in Picasa, but when I up load it to a dslr forum it does not take the settings with it and it really is getting annoying.


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    This really depends on either the editor or the forum software, and varies. Many programs offer the option of removing the EXIF info, among them the options "save for web". If you are seeing the information in Picasa, then it would appear that you're saving the files correctly and the fault is not in your editing.

    If you are uploading images of your own (and just reading someone else's Picasa files), then make sure that whatever editor you use you are not opting for "save for web". For quick resizing of an existing JPG file, one good quick one that leaves all the info is the freeware Irfanview. It works nicely and fast, but make sure when you resize that you choose the slowest, best JPG algorithm, as it offers several, some of which are very fast and economical but not as sharp.

    Unfortunately, it seems some sites have their own way of processing files and may remove the information anyway. If that is the case, there's probably little you can do about it, except to append a link to your posts, linking viewers to a source on which the EXIF still exists, or to use text overlay to superimpose the pertinent information on an image. That latter can be handy if you're expounding on exposures or comparing differences, but of course it's a bust if you want to display a nice image whole, and it's added work in any case.

    I don't know what browser you're using to read the images in the forum. On Firefox, you can get an extension that will read EXIF for any image you see, if it's there. It's called, oddly enough "EXIF Viewer" and once installed it comes up in the right-click menu.
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    Hi, and a very good morning to all. Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction as I had tried everything I could think of and now I am quite excited that I have some idea what to try next. I was reading some piece last night by a well know photographer who was saying EXIF was maybe not too good an idea. He says the settings that he used, and that would be shown using EXIF, would be of little use to anyone as the settings are based on the time of shooting and the weather condition. Also, the safety factor of too much information, leaving me undecided to if he is right or wrong.
    Thanks again and best wishes, Brian.
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    I think Exif is a good idea when you're trying to talk about a picture technically, and of course it's a good idea when you're trying to analyze your own work to see what changes what. For most web images it's of little value, but unless you're trying to hide something, it's of little harm either. Make sure, though, that if you have name and address in there, you don't spread it where you don't want it.
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    Hi Bruto, and yes, I think you are correct as it is of little value to anyone. Come to think of it, I believe the writer was talking about GPS tracking which kind of lost me. The good news is your suggestion of using Firefox, and getting an EXIF extension was spot on. Now I have EXIF working on all my photos when posting to the dslr forums, which is excellent and now makes me look as though I know what I am doing. That made a change, and I am really happy and truly grateful to you bruto.
    My very best wishes, Brian

    ps I'm waiting for my charger for my flat D3200 batteries so I can get to using it. Maybe tomorrow with a little luck.
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