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Looking to upgrade

edited March 2016 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
I currently own the Nikon D3200 which lacks badly in a full frame. I am looking to purchase a new camera. What are some better full frame Nikons I should look into that are most recommended?
*reasonably priced (lower budget)
*best camera to upgrade to (money not an object)


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    Also, I guess it doesn't necessarily have to be an upgrade too a full frame, so in that sense, what are some comparisons I should like?
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    I would suggest that you think carefully about what you expect to gain with full frame. There are certainly some advantages there, including easier and cheaper access to wide angles, a bigger and better viewfinder, better bokeh at normal frame width, and often better high ISO performance, but some of those advantages are becoming smaller.

    If you want AF with older non-motorized lenses, all the FX cameras provide this, while only the D7xxx and D500 will do so in DX.

    The D3200 has a very good image sensor. The cheesy viewfinder and limited features of the camera itself are certainly an annoyance to many (how I miss the unequaled viewfinder of an F or an F3!), but some of those features are improved in the higher range of DX cameras. Before you commit entirely to full frame, you might want to look through a D7200 or a D7100. They are a good deal better, but still maintain the compact size and reach of the DX format. The new D500 looks to be nice too, but not at all cheap.

    If you really want FX, I'd look at the D750, which many users seem to consider one of the best all around cameras made - a good combination of budget and performance and a decent size. The D610 is pretty close, but the 750 updates some features. The D800/D810 have higher pixel sensors, but are bigger and pretty expensive, and probably more than you're going to need. The D4 is very expensive and fast, big and rugged, and the soon-to-come D5 is probably going to be the best camera you ever saw, but it's definitely in the "money no object" category. I have always had a (hands-off, looking only) fondness for the idea of the Df, which is entirely devoid of video, and made to be compatible with pre-AI lenses, which otherwise can only be used by the D5xxx and D3xxx cameras without damage, and is said to have great high ISO performance and a fine viewfinder. It's also very compact, but it's a pretty expensive one too. I hear there may be an update of that coming in the next year or so.

    But what I'd look at first is the D750. I'm often tempted by it myself, especially when I try to focus manual lenses through that chintzy little D3200 viewfinder! I've seen a good bit of work done by this model, and it certainly looks good.

  • I should mention in addition, although some forum categories have recently changed and the thread in question has disappeared, one of the more active and knowledgeable participants here a while ago, posting as @ohyeahar, upgraded to the D750, and had a very good opinion of it, last I heard. I have linked to his handle here, and perhaps he'll chime in with a current view.
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    I thought I would chime in since @bruto gave me a mention, haha!

    No doubt, I’m happy with my D750. I’m not sure there’s more I can say, but I will address the 2 questions of the OP.

    Best camera to upgrade to on a budget?
    Best camera to upgrade to if money wasn’t an issue?

    I’m not sure these are the right questions. What is it about your current camera body that is holding you back?. What is it that you need? More FPS? Better AF tracking? Weather sealing?

    It’s hard to recommend full-frame camera if you’re on a budget. The D750 is priced pretty competitively for a full-frame camera body but it’s still quite expensive. And you need to take into account the cost of FX lenses. If you want to upgrade on a budget from a D3200, then the only logical path is the D7200.

    It’s impossible to answer the second question because the best camera that money can buy may not be the best camera for you. Here’s an extreme example. The D5 is currently the newest and most expensive camera body in Nikon’s DSLR lineup. But is that really the best camera for you? Do you shoot sports for a living? If not, there’s really little reason to have a D5.
  • I'm glad ohyeahar is still around.

    I would agree that if you don't specifically need what a full frame camera offers, it's not the best bargain.

    It's pretty likely that when I get around to upgrading from my D3200 it will be to a D7200, or a D7100 if a bargain drops in my lap. Much as I like many of the features of FX, I have come to like the compact size and long reach of DX. Even though I could afford nearly anything if I needed it, I have also become quite fond of how easy it is to travel with a smaller, cheaper camera.
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