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Blurry pictues indoors

edited March 2016 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
Hi guys I'm new here and new to the camera world. :) I can't seem to get good pictures indoors; all my pics come out blurry. I've had my camera for months now and can't seem to get any usable pics at all! Thanks!


  • edited March 2016
    Are flash pictures blurry too? Flash should usually be pretty sharp, no matter what conditions. If they are blurry, I'd check that the camera's lens is auto focusing properly. Double check the switch on the lens, to make sure it's seated correctly on the A for Auto Focus, and that VR is on.

    If your blur is with natural light, but not flash, make sure you are using a shutter speed you can hand hold properly, and that your focus is correct. Outdoor pictures will tend to occur at a higher shutter speed and a smaller, more forgiving aperture. If you are using auto area auto focus, it may not choose best indoors. Try switching to a single area auto focus setting (which will require that you get out of Auto exposure mode).

    If you can place your camera on a steady surface, try taking a picture that way. It does not matter what it's a picture of. It can be a picture of junk and wallpaper that you throw away later, but try a steady surface or tripod to see whether camera shake is a factor here.
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