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Lens Hood for 18-55mm VR AF-S DX lens kit

edited February 2016 Posted in » Nikon D5300 Forum
I want to know what the correct lens hood for the Nikon D5300 18-55mm VR AF-S DX is. I bought the HB-45 lens hood, but it is not compatible with the VR 18-55mm for my Nikon D5300.


  • I use a rubber screw type 52mm. Works fine.
  • edited February 2016
    Because the lens front element rotates when it focuses, it can't use a petal type hood and there is no place to snap on a snap on hood.

    The rubber screw on type should work fine.

    What I use on mine is the old screw-on metal HN-3 hood. That is an old Nikon hood made for full frame 35mm, but Nikon was always a little conservative about hood width, so it's fine on the 18-55 DX lens, and being metal it helps protect the lens. Nikon (hoods) edit here; I mean lens caps! are made to snap inside a screw-on hood, so you can leave it on all the time. The only problem with this is that it shades the pop-up flash in close up work, especially in vertical position.
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