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Canon Rebel T6i or Nikon D5300 or......

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I have enjoyed photography most of my life, but have never invested in a quality camera. I have photographer friends who are Canon for life or Nikon for life, so I am torn. I have done hours of research and "think" the Canon Rebel T6i or Nikon D5300 maybe a good fit (I have looked online at the kits but am unsure of lenses). The more research I do, I become more confused and nervous about a purchase. I don't want to get in over my head where it takes the joy of photography from me. I enjoy outdoor photography both nature and portraits as well as indoor photography. My husband races (I have a high speed camera for that) but would like to take starting line shots and still shots. Can anyone give me any advice or suggest a different camera and lens suggestions? Thank you for your help! Amy


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    Hi @PXMGIRL,
    The first thing to consider is that when moving into the DSLR world, you are buying into a system whether it be Canon, Nikon, Sony or Fuji etc. This means that you are committing yourself to a particular manufacturer's product line ie. cameras, lenses and accessories. Canon and Nikon also offer the choice of full frame or crop sensor cameras. I'm not sure about Nikon (I am a Canon user), but Canon produces two types of lenses - EF and EF-S. Canon's crop sensor cameras can accept both of these, but their full frame cameras such as the 6D will not accept EF-S. So if you invest in a crop sensor camera and a set of EF-S lenses and decide later to move onto full frame you would not be able to use your lens set with it.
    Now, to the point. Photography is not about equipment. If you have settled on the T6i and D5300 (both good choices), I suggest you go to a good camera store and ask to look at them.
    How do they feel in your hand? Can you reach buttons and controls easily with your fingers? Does the camera feel right for you? When a camera feels right, you will be relaxed with it and concentrate more on taking good pictures.
    You may find that you don't like the feel of either of them, so try some other brands like Sony for example.
    As for suggestions I would say T6i with the new 18-135mm STM zoom lens and the 'nifty 50' (50mm f/1.8) would give you a good start.
    I expect Nikon owners may add to this post and make their suggestions.
  • Thank you so much for your advice and help. I have held the Nikon camera and have had the opportunity to use one on a few different occasions. I thought I was sold on a Nikon until I started reading about Canon and reviews. So I guess I need to go hold a Canon. Thanks again for your help!
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