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Need recommendation for camera bag

edited February 2016 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
I am looking for any recommendations a camera bag.

I travel in city a lot, and I prefer shoulder/messenger bag over backpack.

Thank you.


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    Hi @ANS04B,
    Have a look at the Lowepro range, something like the AW160 or 180. They don't cost a fortune but are sturdy and have the added benefit of a 'secret' pouch which contains an all weather cover which can be pulled out to cover the whole bag.
    Personally, I have always used the AW180 which suits my purpose. My current one I have been using for 15 years.
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    I agree. I have the same bag, and I love mine. They're a great value for the money.
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    I have one of these. I travel quite a lot and went for one that offered good security and also a place for everything. As you can see, the entrance to the camera compartment is against your back so no one behind can unzip anything and steal your stuff.
  • I have the Lowepro BP 150 AW, which is nice for traveling with a minimal camera rig. It's a bit tight for the D3200 with a longer lens on it, but fits, and includes enough space for some non-camera stuff as well. Like the other Lowepro AW series, it has a waterproof cover you can pull out, making it very nice for rainy hikes and the like.

    Of course this is not a messenger style bag, though. For shorter treks on which I do not need to take any non-camera stuff, I have an older Tamrac camera case, of a sort that seems to have gone out of style, but should be findable somewhere. It's a plain camera-shaped bag, into which the camera goes, with a couple of removable pouches on the side. It has a single strap that can be arranged as a shoulder sling or over the neck. It has very little extra room in it, but can take a lens and a spare battery and a few things, and it has the advantage that the way it hangs allows for very easy lens changes while walking.

    The closest thing these days is probably the Tamrac classic "tele zoom" pack, with a pouch added to each side. I have used that one a lot, including a trip to the Galapagos, with good results. Mine has a decent sized lens pouch on one side, and a square pouch more suited to a flash on the other, in which I usually carry my little point and shoot camera.

    Actually, I find with the magic of the internet, that although I cannot find any commercial pictures of this case, I can find a picture I once posted elsewhere of mine! Here it is, from and old thread:
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    I decided to buy inserts and use a good old diaper bag. Everything fits good and the bag itself is very light with lots of compartments. Best of all, nobody would recognize it as a camera bag!
  • Check out Think Tank Photo. They make great bags!
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