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Good buy or bust?

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I just snagged a Nikon D3200 kit, with camera, 18-55mm lens, 55-200mm lens, bag, and a couple of other things for $249.00 at Walmart. I think I got a fairly good deal. I know it's entry level, but for a second camera, not too shabby. Thoughts?


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    Seems like you bagged a good deal, but shame on you for moving away from Canon to the 'Dark Side'. LOL
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    LOL! I didn't move away, really! I'm still planning on getting the 70D model, maybe, the first of March. After doing "Due Diligence" with research and talking to other 'gear heads', I still think the Canon 70D is a better choice for me. I simply got the Nikon for a spare camera and I think I got a good deal since the price of the kits, from Best Buy to Amazon, are in the $399 to $449 range.
    My only gripe thus far is that I had to download the View NX2 software from the Nikon website (the CD-Rom wouldn't work) and you have to pay for the program to tether the camera to your computer (irrational stupidity).
    But, I'm enjoying my new-found hobby.
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    All the best to you. As I often point out to people on this forum and others, cameras don't take pictures, people do. The most important part of any camera is the 12 inches or so behind it.
    I love to hear about people who take up photography as a hobby, the brand or model of the equipment doesn't matter too much (except for iPhones and iPads, but we won't go there LOL).
  • For some reason my other computer has lost some of the forums, though it works fine with some others. Anyway, the D3200 is a good camera and capable of very good pictures. It lacks a number of sophisticated features, but give up nothing in image quality.

    There is a free tethering program which works pretty well on the D3200. I am not at home and cannot quite remember what it's called. Googe for free tethering programs, and I think you'll find it. I think it's called something like Camera Control Pro. It does not do everything possible, mostly because of the D3200's limitations, but it gives you a good remote shot and live view on the screen.
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    Great entry level camera at a good price too. Good find! The functions on this camera are limited, but as already stated it has everything you need for somebody wanting to improve on their photography skills and get stuck into photography as a hobby. I find with cameras like the Nikon D3200, they allow for a sense of confidence in the photographer, because they are built with professionals in mind, but they aren't so intimidating. Do you agree?
  • My congratulations! Nice choice! Photography has become my hobby too, and I'm pleased to hear that I'm not alone :) Good luck in shooting!
  • That's cool entry level camera with a good price :)
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