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Disable automatic color correction

edited February 2016 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
Is it possible to disable automatic color correction, for example, gamma correction, white balance, saturation enhancement?


  • edited February 2016
    In Raw mode, the picture you see in most post processing programs is that of the JPG "sidecar" or overlay file that accompanies the Raw file, and contains the various control settings you make on the camera. But those settings are not inherent in the Raw file, and you can change them with the appropriate program (such as View NX2 and others that read raw files properly). Whenever you see a display, though, it will be a JPG conversion, because you cannot view a Raw file itself. Different programs apply the JPG settings differently, but when you read a Raw file, you can change many settings without penalty, and revert as needed, since all the changes are really just being made to the JPG overlay.

    If you intend to do extensive post processing, use the 'neutral' picture control for the least saturation and best clarity. You can also change the sharpening that is applied in the camera, but you must have some color balance setting and some picture control in the camera or it will not know how to show the overlay file in the display.

    If you go to the picture control menu option, and choose one of the picture controls, you can adjust some of the parameters such as sharpening and contrast, and also get a grid view that shows the relative contrast and saturation of the available controls. Its not 100 percent informative, because I think some controls saturate certain colors differently from others, but it's a good basic guide.

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