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Lens Compatability

I received a T5 for Christmas (Dr. said I needed to take up a hobby), and I'm really enjoying myself.
I'm thinking of purchasing a 70D. I'm thinking my lens will be compatible from the T5, just need a little confirmation. Thanks.


  • I, only a poster on this forum, and thus entitled to be stubbornly opinionated if not downwright wrong, am a Nikon man through and through. Most of my reasons for this are relatively irrational, and have more to do with my long history with Nikon equipment, and the fact that even new Nikons can use most older "legacy" F mount lenses, of which I have far too many. If you're not already trying to accommodate used equipment, either brand is almost certain to be satisfactory, each scoring a few points in one area better than the others. That said, I think it's hard to beat Nikon image quality, even in their lowest priced SLR's.

    My oldest son, who has been shooting Canon DSLR's for the last 20 years or so, would likely disagree.
  • hey. Planning til buy Sigma DC 17-70 F2.8-4.5 Macro HSM. Has been used on Nikon D40. Will it work om my Nikon D5300 (New 2016)? Anyone?
  • The Sigma should work fine on the D5300.
  • HI, I received my Nikon D5300 as a present and I am such a newbie. My question is I have the lens Nikon DX 18-55mm, when I try to take a close up picture from about 100 ft(example a deer). It is a far away pic. I actually get a better pic off my camera phone. Do I have the wrong lense for that distance? TIA
  • Yes, I think in short that you have the wrong lens for far distances. The best you can get with the kit lens is a focal length of 55 millimeters, which is a very short telephoto length. About right for portraits, but not for long distances. You can, of course, crop the image from there - the equivalent of a "digital zoom," which some cameras claim, and which is, actually, just an in-camera crop. If you want to get closer views from a distance, you'll do best with a longer telephoto lens. Nikon makes some decent and cheap telephoto zooms including the 55-200 and the 55-300, both a nice complement to the kit 18-55. There is also a new 70-300 AFP zoom, which might work well (but check for compatibility with the D5300). I think it will work all right with the latest firmware updated. The new AFP comes in a version with or without VR (you will want the VR unless you're shooting video, I think), and is said to be optically good, with very fast, quiet and accurate focus.

    You might also find a good bargain in other lenses in the 70-300 range from other manufacturers. Some older Nikon lenses in that range are good, but some, like the non-VR AFG, are not, so beware. There's an AFS-VR full frame lens that's very good, but even used it can get expensive.

    A hint if you're going to use the current lens and crop it. Use the largest, and finest file you can. If possible, shoot in Raw mode and crop in a Raw reading program such as View NX-2 or Capture NX-D or one of the other programs that can read a raw file. Smaller JPG formats with more compression will crop badly, but if you crop a sharp raw file before converting to JPG, the result can be pretty good. The D5300 has a very sharp, dense sensor, and can tolerate pretty hefty cropping when done right.
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