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Lens Compatability

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I received a T5 for Christmas (Dr. said I needed to take up a hobby), and I'm really enjoying myself.
I'm thinking of purchasing a 70D. I'm thinking my lens will be compatible from the T5, just need a little confirmation. Thanks.


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    You don't specify which lens you are referring to, but if it is the one that came with your T5, then the answer is yes. The T5 and the 70D are both APS-C cameras and both will also accept any Canon EF (for full frame) or EF-S (for APS-C) lenses. You will notice on the camera body 2 dots - one red and the other white. EF lenses sport a red dot to align with the one on your camera and EF-S lenses have a white dot.
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    I'm interested in cheat sheets for the Canon T6i 70-300mm lens. Wondering if the cheat sheets can be applied to same lens but in a Tamron brand?
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    What matters is the focal length. The cheat sheets will apply to any brand - Canon, Sigma or Tamron - as long as they are 70-300mm.
  • @Midwest_Preacher - Yes, all lenses for the T5 will be compatible with the 70D.
  • @motor - The set for the "75-300mm Lens" (on this page here : is compatible with your T6i and the Tamron 70-300mm lens. All the best!
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    The cheat sheets do not mention my 28-70mm lens (Canon Rebel). Can I use the cheat sheets with another similar lens?
  • Hey @tedeggleston - Which Canon DSLR do you have? The cheat card set for the 24mm f/2.8 will be compatible with your 28-70mm. They share the same f/2.8 aperture, which is the most critical variable. All the settings will translate to your lens. All the best!
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    Hi, I've got a A6000 Sony camera. I'm experimenting with macro photography. I was advised to get a Raynox macro lens 250mm. My camera lens filter is 49mm. Can the Raynox 250mm fit to this 49mm lens filter? I appreciate your input.
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    I believe the basic Raynox kit fits 52mm and up, but the lens itself is smaller, and there is an adapter for smaller lenses.

    It looks too as if in the absence of the adapter you could get a 49mm to 52mm or 55mm step-up adapter (a standard filter ring accessory) and use that.
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    I want to buy an Nikon org objective 80-400mm for my new D5300. Manuel focus works, but autofocus does not work. Why?
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    @persteiro, the D5xxx and D3xxx cameras do not have a built in focus motor.
    They will autofocus only with a lens that has its own motor ("AF-S"). Older AF lenses that used a motor in the camera (usually either identified as plain AF or AF-D, along with a few AFG) will still meter with the camera but will not autofocus.

    I imagine you're looking at the older 80-400mm, which is an AFD lens. Both the metering and the VR will work for you, but the autofocus will not. If you want autofocus, I'm afraid you'll need to spring for the very expensive (and much improved, so I hear) 80-400mm AFS-G.

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    Thanks. Will the Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 APO EX DG OS work with the D5300?
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    Not sure, because I don't know from that info whether you're referring to current model, which has all those letters plus "HSM" which refers to "hyper sonic motor". If you don't find an abbreviation for some kind of motor in the description, you must assume there is none, as many lenses have gone through several different iterations with features added. But I'm not sure if there even was a version with OS that did not also have the HSM.

    If it's an AF lens with a built in motor in a Nikon SLR mount, it will work on a D5300 (assuming that there's nothing wrong with it or its firmware). Reviews I've seen on these vary but most seem to be pretty good, better for the later OS versions and better for the non macro.

    Though it's a couple of years old now, this is the best rundown I've seen on the different designations for lenses and what they all mean:
  • Hi again,
    Wondering if anyone out there has bought and used the Raynox DSR-250 on a Nikon D3100, and if so, do you think it well worth buying or not. I live in Australia and will need to purchase from the USA as there doesn't seem to be a distributor here.
  • The lens you use will be more important than the specific camera. I have not used the Raynox, but I believe @moose has done so on the usual Nikon kit zoom, and has a review of it. For some reason I can never seem to find the right page, but with luck he will respond and provide the link again and can provide further information.

    I have used other magnifier style macro lenses, and they work pretty well. Aside from the obvious advantage of being relatively cheap and very portable, they also do not interfere with the camera's AF and exposure controls.
  • Thanks Bruto, will look out for a response from the Moose himself!
  • Hi @brydon53 - As long as the lens you're using has a filter diameter between 52mm and 67mm, then you can clip the Raynox adapter to the front of the lens. You can read the full review here:
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