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60D memory card and iPhoto

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I have a lot of photos on my computer, mostly in part to taking a lot of action shots of my son's soccer team. I am wondering/hoping that this is causing an overload of iPhoto, because for some reason it is not reading my SD card from my 60D anymore. It says all the photos have been downloaded. The problem is all the images are on the card. This freaked me out at first as I feared all the images I had shot on a recent outing never got recorded. It's either that or the SD card is damaged in some way? It reads fine if I take it out of the camera and put it into my computer. Strangely enough iPhoto reads it fine from there. I guess it could be my cable, but it looks fine. Has anyone encountered this problem? I am so nervous there could be something wrong with my camera.


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    I just did a troubleshoot by putting another SD card in and the same thing happened. iPhoto will open and read it from the card if it's put in the computer, but not if I use the cable. I guess it's the cable? I wish there was a way I could find out as I'd rather not spend the money for a cable if I don't need it. I guess it's better if it's the cable and not something with the camera. I guess that's now my question- does it sound like it's the cable or has something like this happened before to anyone. I am hoping I don't have to send the camera out to be fixed. I am unemployed and also would feel lost without my 60D. :-(
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    Hi @ELLENC,
    I am not familiar with iPhoto, but it could be a limitation of that program. If your computer is reading the card OK then that rules out a faulty card.
    To test your cable further, connect your camera to your computer and open EOS utility which came with the software for your camera. This program allows you to operate the camera with the software. Try out a few things like making adjustments or even taking a picture. If the camera responds to these operations, then it is unlikely that the cable is the problem.
    Personally, I always put the card in the computer for downloading. Sometimes with Windows you get a message telling you that your card needs fixing. Ignore them and always format your card or delete images in camera. This is because the camera's operating system works differently from Windows.
    Best regards,
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    Thanks for your reply. I think the whole system was having a hissy fit. I unplugged everything and restarted the computer. Though it still was having an issue, it seems to be better; I hope it continues. I probably need to go through all the photos and delete extras.
  • As @pbked says, don't heed Windows' suggestion to fix files, or you'll likely lose them as images.

    Another problem I've had, though only once or twice which was enough of a warning, is never to edit original photos back to the card. If you're editing, do it on hard drive copies. Every once in a blue moon a card writing error can occur and it will clobber your file system. Fortunately they weren't important pictures, because I lost them all.
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