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Sharp Images

edited January 2016 Posted in » Canon T3i Forum
I'm never happy with the sharpness of my images. What can I do to make my pictures sharper?


  • edited January 2016
    Hi there,
    First of all let me say that all Canons seem to be a little soft straight out of the camera. However, you can change that by going into the menu and clicking on the camera icon.
    From the list choose Picture Style and press Set.
    You will then see a list of all the Picture Styles and their default settings.
    Choose a style and then press the Info button.
    You now have 4 parameters you can change with the top one being sharpness - select it and press Set.
    With the L/R arrow keys you can now increase (sharper) or decrease (softer) the value. I have mine set to 4, but you may prefer to go higher.
    When you have made your choice press Set.
    Now press the Menu button to save the adjustment. You will return to the Picture Style page and you will see your new parameter shown in blue.
    These instructions are shown on page 112 of your manual and are a lot easier to do than describe.
    May I suggest you take a test shot of the same subject at each setting you change, just to evaluate if the sharpness suits your eyes.
    Hope this helps,
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