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Canon 70D 18-200mm cheat sheets

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I noticed you have Cheat sheets for several lens combos with the 70D. I have a 18-200mm Canon lens. Do you have cheat sheets for this lens, or can I use the cheat sheet for the 18-250? Thanks.


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    I have been interested in photography for many years and especially love to take night shots. I'm still learning and have been able to take some reasonable shots using manual settings with my Lumix FZ28 in the past (I have taken several courses in using manual settings including night/long exposure). I recently made the step up to a Canon 70D with a 18-200mm lens. With the alignment of 5 planets in the night sky happening between the 20th January and 20th February, and being visible to the naked eye, I am excited about getting some better shots than I have in the past and would love some ideas and tips. Thanks.
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    Hi @SANDIS,
    The settings you learned with your Lumix will apply equally with your Canon, so I can offer you no help there. As for shooting the planetary line-up, I think you may be disappointed. At 250mm your lens is simply not powerful enough. Try taking a picture of the moon with it on a clear night and you will see how small the image is. For the moon you can crop and enlarge to an extent, but the planets will appear as just dots of light. You are really venturing into the world of astro photography here which means telescopes.
  • Hey @SandiS - Yes, if you scroll down a bit farther on this page here ( you'll see a set for the 18-200mm. All the best!
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    Thanks, @MOOSE for your help. I've purchased and downloaded the cheat sheets they will help me as I find my way around my new camera. I'm looking forward to having lots of fun practicing. Thanks @PBKED for your ideas. I was extremely pleased with the photos that I was able to get the other night while camping, so I'm hoping to refine on what I have already explored. As I'm not looking to get close up planetary photos just great starry skies and maybe star trails, my Lumix was a great starting point and has me already getting great photos with my Canon. In the future I hope to increase my lens collection, but meanwhile I'll borrow my dad's Canon lens and keep saving.
    Thanks to you both it's great to come to a place where I can get new ideas and techniques, in addition to my friends and acquaintances at our local camera club.
  • You bet @SandiS! Please do share your photos if you feel up to it. Happy shooting!
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