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Yongnuo YN50mm f/1.8

edited January 2016 Posted in » Canon Lens Talk
Just bought a Yongnuo YN50mm f/1.8 to go with Canon EOS 100d with 18-55mm Image Stabiliser STM Lens.

It is very similar to the Canon 50mm f/1.8. Moose says that the cheat cards for that lens will be good.

Anyone got a view on this lens?


  • Not a canon person, but I will be interested to hear reports on your experience with this lens, as it seems possible that Yongnuo will eventually come out with a Nikon version too. Both the Canon and Nikon "nifty fifties" have a good reputation, so it will be a hard job to outdo them, worth keeping an eye on.
  • edited January 2016
    I am a complete novice with no experience. so not best qualified to compare.

    The lens gets good reviews, and the cost in UK is just under £40 compared to the Canon which is just under £100. It is said to be a copy of the Canon.

    I purchased in the UK, from Hong Kong they are marginally cheaper, however there could well be import duties and VAT to pay. The buyer is responsible.
  • All sorts of authorities can compare, but I'll be interested in how the thing works for a real person making actual pictures.
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