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Eagles and settings

edited January 2016 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
I am headed out with a group tomorrow to see bald eagles. What are the best settings for late afternoon to dusk? I am not allowed to use any flash. Is there a way to ensure the flash does not go off?


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    The flash will not go off by itself in P, S, A and M modes, and also not in Sports and Landscape modes. There is also an auto "no flash" mode, but you get very little control of anything in that.

    If you're reluctant to use a full control mode, you might try Sports. You'll need a fairly fast shutter speed if the eagles are not just sitting still, and at dusk you'll need a fairly fast ISO, but it's hard to know.

    If your shots come out with the eagles silhouetted, try spot metering. Make sure the focus point is centered, and use a single point auto focus on an eagle.

    Set your camera to shoot in Raw mode, and you can correct some exposure problems more easily afterwards.
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    Thank you.
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