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Black and white photos

edited January 2016 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
I am new to the DSLR world and I'm trying to learn as much as possible about my camera and how to take better pictures on manual mode. My question is, can you set the camera to shoot pictures in B & W, or can it only be done once downloaded and edited? If so, where do I find the setting? Thanks.


  • edited January 2016
    Yes, you can set it to B&W. Go to the shooting menu, choose "Picture Control", and you will find the options for the various picture controls you can set.

    If you shoot in Raw mode, you can switch back to the other color modes in post processing with any editor that reads raw files correctly, including the rudimentary one in the camera.

    Note that you can also convert to monochrome in the camera's own editing program. When previewing an image, push the [OK] button, and various editing options will appear. You can convert any image to monochrome, or, if it is shot Raw, you can go to the Raw processing submenu, and convert it to any of the picture modes including monochrome. Either way, it will save the newly converted image to a new file, and leave the original alone.

    By the way, as I tell everyone here, if you have not downloaded the complete PDF file of the owner's manual to your computer, you should. The printed one is not complete.

    Edit to add, I just noticed that the website here has been modified a bit, and you can get a link to the PDF manual from here if you go to the home page and head for the "tips and tricks" for your model.
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