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55-200 Lens

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Good morning!
First off I want to say thank-you so much for the cheat cards! I haven't used my camera in over a year because I became so frustrated from the first time using it, but with your cheat cards my Christmas pictures came out perfectly! My mother-in-law asked if they were professional. :)
Okay, now to my question. I have the kit lens with my Nikon D3200 and I would like to be able to focus on my subject and have a blurry background. Perfect example would be my 2 month old. Would the 200mm lens do what I am looking for? Hopefully for the price, I can do a lot more with it as well.

Thank you again and Happy Holidays!


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    If you can stand far enough back, the 55-200mm lens when wide open will provide a better de-focused background, the more the longer the focal length. It's a little long for indoor work, but remember too that the longer lens is also a tiny bit faster at its short end than the short lens is at its long end, so you'll gain a little even at 55mm.

    If portraits are your only goal, you might do better with the 50mm f/1.8 prime lens, but the 55-200mm is versatile and gives you a lot of options at a good price.
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