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10 second delay timer

edited December 2015 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
Messing around taking some photos on a tripod, and realized that when using the 10 second delay timer, it would not work when using live view, but was okay setting it up on the view finder. Is this normal?


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    There are a few issues surrounding the AF mode chosen in Live View and various functions, none of them well documented, if at all.

    The self timer appears to work fine in AFS mode, but not AFF. The icon appears, but it never fires. When I tried it in AFS mode, though, it worked correctly.

    If you use back button focusing, it works in Live View in AFS mode but not AFF. In AFF the back button has no effect at all.

    If you use the infrared remote, no back button focus is available in either mode in Live View, and if the Live View AF is set to AFF, the infrared remote will also not back button focus in Viewfinder mode (try to figure that one out!).

    I suspect that some of these things are just firmware oversights, but someone at Nikon was not doing his homework.

    In case you had not noticed, when you're in Live View, if you push the "i" button you get a completely different set of options from those you get in viewfinder mode, and one of them is the choice of AFA, AFF, and AF off.
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    Okay, sounds like it is not my camera. Thanks.
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