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Pop Up Flash Button

edited November 2015 Posted in » Canon T3i Forum
Hey Moose, thanks for your cards, they are worth a million man. I just need a little help on something. How do I reprogram the flash up button to just raising the flash? When I'm shooting manual it acts as the ISO button, making it impossible to pop up the flash without first going back to auto mode. Kindly help.


  • edited November 2015
    Hi @SIMONK,
    I am a little confused by your question. The flash popup button located to the left of the lens opening as you look from behind the camera is not programmable and only releases the flash head.
    The ISO button on the top right shoulder of the camera is a completely separate button.
    Are you sure you are not confusing the two buttons?
  • Hey @SimonK - Thanks for the kind words! As @pbked pointed out, the ISO button is up near the main dial, close to the shutter button. The flash button is on the front of the camera, near the lens. I don't believe they can be set up as custom buttons, so it should only pop the flash up.
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