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SB-700 Speedlight

edited November 2015 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
Hi, can anyone tell me if I can use the 50mm f/1.8 lens with the sb700 speedlight? I'm getting really confused; in the manual it says that it cannot be used with CPU lenses. I haven't got a clue what that is. I tried googling it, but now I'm in even more of a muddle.


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    I think the manual has led to some confusion. On Page A5, it shows how to identify a CPU lens, which is actually what you want, and then notes that you cannot use "IX Nikkor" lenses. Those are a small subset of lenses made for a short lived APS film system, and you need not worry about it.

    The D3200 is "Creative Lighting System" compatible, which should make it work seamlessly with the SB700 in TTL mode, and a cursory look at the instructions includes....

    "This manual has been compiled with the assumption that the SB-700
    will be used in combination with a camera compatible with CLS and a
    CPU lens ."

    A "CPU" lens is one that has an internal chip and electronic connections. It includes essentially all auto focus lenses, as well as a small number of "AIP" manual focus lenses, such as the 500mm f/4, which has a chip but no auto focus. The CPU lens talks to the camera, and the camera sets its aperture electronically. Also, in anything under 15 years old or so, the lens sends distance information to the camera also.

    You cannot use the I-TTL mode with non CPU lenses, as far as I know, because all TTL flash options are disabled. For manual lenses you'd have to switch to manual flash, just as you do with the built in flash.
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    Thank you so much again. I really do appreciate your help.
    Kind regards!
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