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My photos are not clear enough

edited November 2015 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
I'm using the D3200 with the kit lens. In last 3 months, the photos I captured are not clear enough and not properly exposed. I have to correct each photo using photo editing tool.
I tried 100% automatic mode, but it gave me the same results. Three months ago the camera gave me very good images in auto mode. What is the problem with my camera? Do you think there are any issues with the lens?
I did a master reset on the camera, but got the same result.

I attached a sample photo, which taken on full auto mode:


  • edited November 2015
    Your image posting preserved the EXIF information (nice, not all do), and what I see does not suggest anything wrong. The ISO is low, the exposure automatic and pretty close to "sunny 16" values, and it's well focused, but it does indeed look either over-exposed or simply lacking in contrast, as it might if the lens had way too much flare. A slight amount of muddiness in shadows sometimes can be seen when Active D-lighting is on, and I would try leaving that off, to see if it improves, especially if you're using a non-Nikon program to process. The only other thing I can suggest is that in an outdoor picture like this, the zoom lens is prone to flare, and if the sun is in the wrong position it will rob contrast. A lens hood might help here. If you are using a filter as a lens protector, take it off.

    Beyond that, first thing I'd do is to see if a different lens makes a difference. Perhaps if you could find another Nikon user to borrow a lens from, or try one at a store.

    I'd also try some other conditions to see if there is any consistency to the problem. If you take a flash picture indoors, for example, is it also like this, or does it have the snappy contrast you'd expect?

    My D3200 with kit lens is a little sensitive to flare, and definitely not as contrasty as a good prime lens, but it's far from bad.

    I wish there were something obvious to point to here, but I don't see it if there is, and I suspect there may be something amiss with either the camera or the lens.

    Edit to add: I do notice that for some reason the scene is taken in "landscape" mode. That usually emphasizes green and should, I would expect, make for a more vibrant color, but you might try setting your picture control to either standard or vivid to see if the colors become more natural.
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