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Error message when using long exposure and rear curtain sync

edited October 2015 Posted in » Canon 60D Forum
I am getting an error message when using long exposure and rear curtain sync with my 60D and 580EXII. I was trying to take a long exposure set on bulb, and had the flash go off right before the shutter closes. I kept getting an error message. The message popped up "error, try removing battery and replacing it". Also, the images would not record on the card. Has anyone had this happen? I haven't tried recreating what I was doing but, now the camera is working perfectly.


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    The purpose of the 'Bulb' setting is to keep the shutter open for a long period to achieve the correct exposure for the subject. You would not use flash with bulb mode or rear curtain sync.
    I think this would be the basis of your fault.
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    Thank you. From what I read, the rear curtain flash is supposed to go off at the end of a long exposure, so maybe the problem was using the bulb setting. I'll try different approaches next time.
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