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Clicking and image processing

edited October 2015 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
When I choose the mode without flash, the clicking sound is very slow and photo display will come on late. I am a beginner, and I don't know anything, please help me.


  • edited October 2015
    If you are switching from auto to auto without the flash, it might seem slower because the shutter speed is slower. It may take longer for the camera to take the picture and process it, but can you give a little more detail on what modes you're using, and how much difference there is?

    If the shutter speed is very slow, the default setting, I think, is for long exposure noise reduction. That will double the time taken for every photograph, because after a shot is taken the camera makes a second exposure of the same speed with the shutter closed, which it then subtracts. It's very clever, but slow.
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