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Setting for general photos

edited October 2015 Posted in » Canon T5i / 700D Forum
What settings would you use to just take general photos? I am going on vacation and planning on taking pictures of the city and just random things as we walk around (some with people in it and some without). I'll be using a Canon 18-55mm lens for most of them.

Thank you,


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    My first time here. I have settings screwed up apparently on my boss's camera. I'm on fully auto (green box A), AF on, stabilizer on, and I was able to take pictures. Don't know what I did, but now a dot blinks by a number 9 and it won't shoot. Problem #2: on the display, photos are blurry if I zoom, no matter the distance. The camera did get jarred with a soccer ball direct hit to the zoomed lens.
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    Hi @Bo,
    If you are going on vacation then I would set P mode and auto iso. It is nice to experiment with different settings, but not nice to get back home and find your pictures are not so great. With P mode you will have the most success for casual holiday pictures.

    I think the comment about the football diagnoses the problem doesn't it?
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    So let's say I hadn't mentioned the soccer ball, what would you have suggested as far as settings? I know nothing about these settings. I'm hoping it jarred/moved a setting(s).
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    I can't ignore the soccer ball. It sounds as though some real damage has been done to either the lens or the camera. Zoom lenses contain glass elements which more or less 'float' inside them. A severe knock can push them out of alignment giving blurry pictures throughout the zoom range. Also a knock could cause damage to the contacts on the lens or camera body. I can only suggest you try taking pictures using all the other modes (ie. P, A, S, M). Don't worry about the exposures or the pictures, just check to see if the same problems persist. If they do, then it's the repair shop for you.
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    Thanks, I will try that.
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