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Monopod suggestions?

edited October 2015 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
I'm very new here (is there a search function for the forums?). Right now, I cannot afford a fast lens, so I'm hoping to improve football pictures using a monopod. Any suggestions for reasonably priced ones?

Thank you!



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    In monopods, there is not a lot of difference, since great rigidity is not an issue. A quick release pad is nice but not necessary, as a monopod can be spun on to the camera pretty quickly. You don't really need much articulation in the head, either, since you will be tilting the monopod to aim and correct horizons.

    I think the main thing you need to consider is how the legs lock, and whether you prefer collars that turn (compact and nothing sticks out) or quick release levers (fast).

    Remember, though, that though a monopod reduces camera shake, it cannot help stop motion. For sports you'll still need a fairly fast shutter speed.

    Edit to add: the other thing that's worth considering is whether you expect to travel a lot with it. Monopods come with variable numbers of leg extensions. The longer ones with fewer extensions are stronger, but don't pack very short. A longer one also makes a pretty good walking stick if you are hiking with camera.

    Manfrotto makes some nice ones that are likely to hold up well but have no heads included. Slik makes one with a little ball head, but for your purposes that may be more head than you need. If you're just aiming straight, you may not need any head at all.
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    Thank you!
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