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New to Digital and need updating

edited September 2015 Posted in » Canon 60D Forum
I recently acquired a Canon 60D and I just signed up to your blog hoping to glean some info from experts on the 60D, as well as still shooting tips. I have had a 20+ career in video journalism, shooting news for network and large market TV, but want to concentrate on my first love: still shooting. I had a Minolta 100 back in the day and did my own film processing and darkroom magic. Times have changed and I'm ready to learn all over again. I have Adobe CS5, I edit video with Premiere Pro and have dabbled in PhotoShop, but I want to expand into understanding the 60D's controls and learn Lightroom. I have a question, is this page still being updated, or has it faded down? I'm wondering because I see it was opened in 2012, but I don't see dates on recent posts for comparison.
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