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My lens has been stolen

edited September 2015 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
The lens that came with my camera has been stolen and I don't know which lens to buy to replace it. It was taken off of my camera, that was in it's bag, during a house move. Funnily enough the zoom lens, which was also in the bag, was left. Can you suggest a replacement lens for everyday use please. I mostly take photos of my grandchildren. I haven't claimed on my insurance as I believe it will cost less to replace than my excess. Any advice would be welcomed.


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    What lens was it that was stolen? If it was the kit zoom (18-55mm) and that was satisfactory before, then you might look at some place like for an inexpensive replacement. You can get the same zoom, or a newer version with better VR, fairly cheaply, in good used condition.

    There are a number of very nice other "walk around" zoom lenses, some of them nicer than this, but none less expensive. If you do not need low light capability, and found the range adequate before, your cheapest bet is just to replace the one that was stolen. If you want more range and are willing to pay for it, check out the price on 18-55mm, 18-140mm or 16-85mm. The 18-140mm, which is the kit lens for the D7100 and the D5500, is better made and nicer in several ways than the much less expensive 18-55mm, and a really nice range.
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    I am assuming it was the 18-55mm. Thank you for your suggestions. I will have a look on I had no idea where to start before, now I can look at the alternatives as well. Many thanks.
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