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Focusing issue

edited August 2015 Posted in » Nikon D5200 Forum
My camera is not focusing with both my lenses. Is the battery ok? What am I missing?


  • edited August 2015
    Make sure lenses are set to AF and that the camera has not accidentally been set to MF, or (unlikely) back button focusing. Check the [i] screen for focus settings.

    If all is correct there, take the lens off and carefully clean the electrical contacts in the lens mounts on both lens and camera with something like isopropyl alcohol, and try reseating the lens.

    My D3200 does get a little iffy on focusing when the battery goes down too far, but this should not be a factor unless it's down to the last 1/3 of power or so. Still, if battery charge is not fresh, it wouldn't hurt to top it up.
  • Yes, was set to M. Reset to A and now I'm up and running. I wish everything was this easy.
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