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Hi there. I just got back from a week and a half in Costa Rica, most of which was not conducive to Nikon D3200 shooting, because it was wet and involved kayaking, rafting and rain.

My D3200 use was also limited a good bit by the fact that my battery charger died fairly early in the trip. Fortunately, because I had two batteries and both were always kept topped up, and because much of the trip I used only my waterproof pocket camera, I made it through the trip, economizing on battery use with VR off and back button focus. By the last day AF was getting spotty. I just wanted to emphasize how important it is to have at least one fresh fully charged battery in reserve, and if you're going far and deep away from convenient facilities, maybe even an extra charger!

Bummed is a mild term for the feeling I got when that charger went dead! When you need VR and AF to catch a flying quetzal, seeing that battery icon go black is no fun.


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    Hi Bruto.
    Good advice as always about carrying fully charged spare batteries. It's something many people forget when going on holiday. As you say, it was a bummer about the charger though. Luckily you got through.
    Best regards,
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    I did get through. In the meantime, I have noticed from some web reading that the MH-24 charger is pretty notorious for failing, and have ordered a cheap but well reviewed third party charger from B&H which also can be gotten with an adapter for my wife's D7100 batteries, and includes a USB outlet.
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    Hi, I'm new to this forum and have recently brought a Canon 70D (first DSLR). We go camping a lot and I want to be able to charge my batteries, so I am looking to purchase a car charger. I'm looking for any advice on whats available out there and any tips on how you all charge your batteries when out and about.
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    There are some good 3rd party chargers which will work off your car also. However, be advised that with all of them, charging times are much increased (it takes about 2 hours to charge a battery on the mains).
    Personally, I always look for campsites that provide mains hook-ups and have a lead which culminates in a 4way socket.
    On the odd times we have ended up on a site with no electric, I have managed to get by with the 2 batteries I have which give about 400 shots each which have lasted me for a few days.
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    Thanks @PBKED. We do a lot of bush camping with our friends, and we are all set up with solar panels to charge up our batteries. Yes, I agree that it does take longer on 12 volt car charger to charge up batteries, and that's why I have more than one battery. I am awaiting for 2 more batteries to turn up, that were ordered recently, so I'll have 3 batteries in total. I shouldn't have a problem as long as I remember to have them fully charged before I head off. If we are away for any more than 5 days we usually drop in to a caravan park for that wonderful shower we look forward to and to recharge other accessories etc. Thanks for giving me a good estimate how long each battery (about 400 shots) will last. Joining this forum has already helped me a lot. Thanks again.
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    Hi again @SANDIS.
    One purchase you may consider non essential, but would be helpful in your situation is the battery grip. It has 2 advantages in that not only does it hold 2 lithium batteries (I have achieved 1000+ shots with my grip), but it also comes with a second tray which holds 6 AA/R6 batteries which are stocked everywhere. I remember buying a pack of 24 of these and at the end of a 4 week holiday in a remote part of Italy had taken over 1500 shots and still had batteries left over.
    Good luck with your night sky shooting.
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    Thanks so much @PBKED, that's great to know. I will look into getting one.
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