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Change the image play back display

edited May 2015 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
Hi there,
I have watched your Tip #9 - "Change the image play back display" on YouTube and have applied it on my Nikon D3200, but unfortunately it did not work. Am I doing something wrong or are the settings wrong on my camera? Please advise bit more on it.


  • edited May 2015
    When you get into the menu with display options and check the boxes you want, make sure you arrow back up to the "DONE" line and hit [OK] on that one to make your selections stick. Once the options are chosen, use the up and down keys to toggle through them.

    I have them all on because I'm a gadget lover I guess. I would recommend as a minimum, the HIGHLIGHTS for determining if there is any overexposure and allowing you to push your exposure as far to the right as you can without overdoing it. Also the OVERVIEW, which gives the most useful information, along with a basic histogram to help with exposure. Among other things, if you use Auto ISO, the overview as well as one of the info pages will tell you what ISO speed the camera has used (something that is not displayed when you take a picture). Whatever boxes you check, you'll always get a default screen with the largest available image and some basic file info. The "NONE" image is clean of print, but no bigger.

    If you check all five boxes, you will get 8 screens, which you can toggle through with the up/down arrow keys. This is because in addition to the options shown, you always get one default view with an image and only file information, and the info option produces three screens.

    Whatever screen you end up on will be the default view for all images until you change it again. So even if you have them all checked, you can leave it on "Overview" or whatever screen you prefer, and that will be what you see unless you need something else.

  • Spot on. I am sorted. Much appreciated for help.
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