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Beauty photos

edited April 2015 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
Hi there! I'm a professional makeup artist. I currently have the Nikon D3200, as well as a light (umbrella light), and an extra lens for zooming. Even with using natural light and/or lighting, it seems the photos don't capture the makeup well. What recommendations for settings would anyone recommend? Thanks!


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    It's hard to say without knowing what aspect of it is not being captured. For starters, I'd suggest that you shoot in Raw mode and try going to View NX2, where you can, without loss, adjust the white balance and color modes, as well as exposure compensation and some other things. White balance (which is basically color temperature) can make a big difference in how colors are rendered. Though it varies even with what lens you're using, in natural light especially, I think the D3200's auto color balance usually runs rather cool and bluish.

    Remember too that when you're getting really precise with color, different monitors and printers also show differently. Make sure that you make your judgment with whatever is your final output. If it's on the web, check it on multiple machines. The color rendition of some laptops is pretty crummy.
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