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Wireless remote shutter release

edited March 2015 Posted in » Canon 60D Forum
Is wireless remote shutter release available on the 60D? If so, where can I find the setting to make it "talk" to the wireless shutter release. What remote trigger (model number) is compatible with the 60D? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    Yes it is and you need the RC-6 or compatible.
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    Thank you. Also, do you have to be in front of the camera for the remote to work? I was thinking more along the lines of having the camera on a tripod in front of me a few feet away aimed at a bird.
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    It looks as if it only has the one sensor in front. I think you can set it to a delay, so that after you've started you can get out of the way, but you can't park yourself behind it.
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    2nd part of my question: Is there a setting within the camera to be able to use the RC-6 remote? I can't seem to make it fire and I've inserted a new battery thinking that might be the problem. Obviously it isn't. I don't have the Canon brand, but an after market one.
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