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Lens FD for Canon T2i?

edited March 2015 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
Can I use a 50mm lens that's an FD on a Canon T2i 550D?


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    You can but you would need an adapter and the lens can only be used manually. The T2i was built to take the EF and EF-s range of lenses.
    There are one or two other posts on these forums which pose the same question and I sometimes wonder why. Lens technology is so much better these days than in the past so why would someone want to keep using their old FDs, unless they are very budget conscious.
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    Speaking as a Nikon guy who likes to put old F lenses on my D3200, I can say that although lens technology has indeed advanced in certain areas, zooms especially, there are still some old lenses that have very good properties that are hard to match on newer lenses without serious expenditure. It sort of depends on what you find.
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    Hi @Bruto,
    I know you have certain lenses you like to use. I made my statement based upon my experiences of using FD lenses. I would venture that the quality of your Nikon F lenses are better than many of the Canon FDs. Back in the day, you would be more likely to see a Vivitar lens on a Canon AE1 than an FD.
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    @pbked, you might be right, though I suppose the Canon forum is not quite the place to go into it. Classic Nikon lenses need no adapters, so if you already have them, there's nothing to lose. Even given the unbeatable optics though, if one had to buy them, and more if one had to adapt them, they'd be no bargain.
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