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Video function stops after a few seconds

edited March 2015 Posted in » Canon 60D Forum
When I record video with my 60D, it will record for up to 10 seconds then stops and displays this message: "Movie recording has been stopped automatically".

The reason I say "up to 10 seconds" is because sometimes it is less, but never longer than 10 seconds. I also have a 7D and there are no problems with this utilizing the same lenses.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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    It has nothing to do with your lenses. Filming time depends upon a few things, mainly the class of the card you are using and the buffer size of the camera, but also the resolution you have set. When you film, the camera's buffer fills and then empties itself onto the memory card. If the card is not fast enough, filming will stop. The 7D has a larger buffer than the 60D which is probably why you haven't had this experience with it.
    Minimum card should be a class 10. Sandisk have cards in their range which are supposed to be optimized for video.
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    Thank you so much for your simple and constructive advice. I will definitely take it and get back to you.
    You may be interested in what Canon Australia told me to do. They said "Take the battery out of the camera then let it sit for an hour then replace the battery and that should fix it". I did this without any hope of it working. I was wondering if the little Gremlins hiding in my battery compartment would get tempted to leave the camera while the battery door was open. Nope, disappointed again. I never saw one Gremlin leave my camera and you guessed it, it did not work. Your advice is quantifiable and arguably the best I have ever been told and for that I thank you. Cheers.
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    Hi again,
    Removing and refitting the battery can often cure many little problems that crop up, but I have never heard of it aiding the write speed of the buffer or the read/write speed of a memory card.
    What strange advice.
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    Same problem for me. Getting a super fast sandisk card solved my problem.
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