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Unable to take pictures in Auto focus mode

edited March 2015 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum

My friend had a fall while carrying his Nikon D5100 camera. Now he cannot take pictures in Auto focus mode, but can in manual mode.

He is still in the field. Please advise.

With Regards,
KS Naveen


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    Unfortunately, the kit lenses that use a lot of plastic are fairly easily broken in a fall. Before giving up, I suggest he take the lens off and put it back on, to make sure contacts are seated. Switch AF off and then on again to make sure the switch is engaged. If this is the kit lens, it should lock and not be possible to manually focus when it's set to AF. If that's not the case, there's probably something broken.

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    I hope he had a filter on, a good one. One thing that was highly stressed to me was the clear UV filter with metal ring and glass. I spent about $40 on one and it has already saved me once. Got out of the car and the compartment was open. The camera bounced off the fender well of a truck and hit the ground. The sound of a 100 pieces of shattering lens, but nope, just the filter. Saved me $600. I won't take a camera in the field unless it has a good filter on end helping protect it.
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