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Shutter Release Mode Issue

edited February 2015 Posted in » Nikon D5300 Forum
I am unable to get the shutter release mode to remain on my selected mode. This is quite inconvenient. When using remote control, the mode automatically reverts to the single frame mode after a short period of time. Same occurs with the self timer.
Is anyone able to assist in what I need to do to lock the mode?
Thanks in advance,


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    Hi again, I found what I was looking for; c4 Remote on duration (ML-L3).
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    Unfortunately, the self timer resets to the previous release mode each time it's used. You can set it to take multiple shots at one press, but not to operate multiple times.
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    Hey Walter,
    I know exactly what you mean - this is very annoying for me as I use this camera in a dark studio setup, so I heavily rely on a remote.
    I find myself always fiddling about looking for the damn button to turn it back on; it's so annoying. Would it really hurt to leave it as an option? This again leads me to think that Nikon need to get their butts out of their office chairs and actually use the cameras, this way they can actually see what they are doing wrong.

    I'm now wishing I had stuck with Canon and even thinking about getting rid of this camera altogether as it's way too annoying.

    If you manage to find a fix for it, please let me know. I have read some people actually create their own firmware, which sounds awesome, but scary too, as I would not want to break it.

  • Yes, you can reset the remote duration, and that makes a big difference. Unfortunately, because it keeps the camera's IR sensor on, it must be set to shut off eventually, or it would drain the battery.

    You can set the remote duration to as much as 15 minutes, which should be sufficient for most things. If not, you can just fire off a dummy shot and it restarts the timer from zero.

    If you require repetitive self timer mode, higher models such as the D7xxx do provide it, but they still have the remote duration issue, and because the D7xxx has most of its shutter modes controlled by a hard switch rather than a button, the remote is not included, and must be accessed from the menu, which makes it a little less intuitive than the lower models.
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