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Display shuts off

edited February 2015 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
I just recently purchased a T2i for our church in the media department. We have the camera set up in the middle of the room facing the stage. We use this for our live stream and dvd recording. We do not record off of the camera. The camera stays in a view mode with the video adapter connected and it runs into our video switcher. The problem that I am having is about every 25 or 26 minutes the screen will go into suspend and it will back out my dvd recording and the live stream. We just bought 2 of these and I want to hook the second one up, but I can't if they are going to keep doing this. We are running the camera on the M setting. We have checked the other settings on it and everything seems like it is not supposed to shut off. Can someone help me and let me know why it is doing this please. Thanks.


  • edited February 2015
    Apparently, there’s a distinction between video cameras and photo cameras; I don’t really get it. Seems like some legacy law that we need to get rid of. A photo camera cannot record a video longer than 30 minutes, so manufacturers artificially put a time limit on recording time.
    If you want to get around this, you need something like the Atomos Ninja.
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    What @ohyeahar says is correct. In addition, filming will stop after a file size reaches 4GB. This is a limitation of the camera's file system. Another issue is the length of time that the camera is in live view. Live view creates a lot more heat on a sensor than using a viewfinder. In a warm environment the camera will shut down to prevent damage. If it is any consolation, all the former apply to most DSLRs at the moment.
    However, I will put my twopence worth in and say, as I have done many times on this forum, if you want to do video seriously and well - buy a video camera.
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