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3rd February 2015 - Sorry, I couldn't find any other way of contacting the admin to make this suggestion to.

It would help if the posts on the forum had a date with them so we would know how long ago they were posted. If this isn't possible for this forum, I can see it is very basic, perhaps when everyone is making a post, be it a new topic or a reply, if they could start it off with the date it would help.


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    I concur. I am new to this forum but not sure how old some of these posts are.
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    Perhaps I am missing something here, but on the main page, the date beside the post shows the last person and when they posted. However, when you enter any of the individual forums, the thread starter and date of the first post is shown quite clearly in the respective column. Is this not what you are asking for?
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    Thanks for the suggestion @mikejduk - As @PBked mentioned, there are dates listed on the main forum page (see here:, but to your point, there isn't one on the actual discussion page. I'll add it to my list of to-do's and will try to get this feature added. All the best!
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    Hi @Moose,
    You are very accommodating, but I really don't see that it matters when the posts were made between the thread start and the most uptodate post. We are here to try to help and receive help not worry about what date somebody is trying to help us on.
    However, one thing I think should be emphasized is the fact that people can search these forums. There are so many posts which ask the same questions which in most cases have already been answered. I pointed this out to someone asking for settings for fireworks the other day.
    Best regards.
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    I agree. Chances are that a very old thread by someone who has not returned recently will probably not help that person, but old questions not only can be searched, but will sometimes turn up in a Google search, so an answer may well end up being found by someone searching a problem at a later date.

    In fact, that's how I stumbled on this forum, when I had a problem with an older lens's aperture ring not pushing the little switch down correctly and returning an error message. I found that someone else had had the same problem, and when I figured it out, I posted here.
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