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Using Remote For Video

edited February 2015 Posted in » Nikon D5300 Forum

I have been trying to get my remote to work for recording video on the D5300. It works fine with taking a picture but can't seem to get it to work with video. I set the menu settings to record video and assigned the FN button but still no luck. Any ideas?

Thank you guys. I'm loving this forum, it's so helpful!


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    You’re out of luck. The ML-L3 remote cannot trigger video recording.

    You’ll need to do it the old-school way and just press the button manually, then get back into position. The camera is live so just do whatever you want recorded. Then just cut out the unwanted pause in the beginning of the clip in post-production.
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    Oh really? It's weird, then why it has the option under settings for the remote to record video if it doesn't actually do it? Yeah it's just getting the focus right more than the editing.

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    I have not read through every word of the manual, but it appears that only the more sophisticated remotes can actuate live view remotely. Have you tried putting it into live view first and then using the remote?

    The manual is woefully obscure on this, as I'm sure you've noticed, but it appears that any remote should operate the shutter button for movies if specified in the menu. It's not entirely clear, however, whether the "optional accessory" referred to in the menu includes the ML remote, or only the more sophisticated VR remotes.
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    Perhaps there are other remotes that can trigger video recording, but the ML-L3 definitely cannot. I’ve tried to do it myself. I’ve also been through the manual. There’s no way to do it.

    If you press the remote in LiveView, then it just takes a still shot. Even if your camera has a switch that differentiates photo LiveView and video LiveView, pressing the remote will still just take a still shot. In video LiveView, it’s worse because the shot will just have the resolution you’ve selected for video recording (i.e., 1080p, 720p, etc).

    To help with focusing, just pre-focus and then turn off AF before you start recording.
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    I just played a little with my wife's D7100, which has many of the same capabilities as the D5100 that my D3200 lacks. It's a bit different in that the remote modes are all contained in a menu, separate from the shooting mode dial. It does, however, include the custom setting to assign the shutter button to movie making. Sure enough, when set thus, if you press the shutter button, first it goes into Live view and then starts taking a movie just as the D5x00 should. However, when this option is chosen, all remote options are grayed out. No movies with the remote here either.
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    Thanks guys! I emailed Nikon about this issue and they said the ML-L3 won't work with the video shooting, but they never actually recommended to me what does!

    I don't think they should have it as an option in the menu if it just doesn't work.
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    I've just had an update from Nikon on this which might help.

    "Altho not stated on page 203 of the D5300 user manual the remote shutter release to begin a movie or Video shot can only be implemented with the WR-R10 and WR-T10 combination. These accessories must be purchased separately.

    The Wireless Remote Controller - transceiver WR-R10 has a recommended retail price of £99.99 and is available from the Nikon online store from the link below.

    Answer Link:

    The Wireless Remote Controller - transmitter WR-T10 has a recommended retail price of £69.99 and is available from the Nikon online store from the link below.

    Answer Link:"
  • Sorry for the copy and paste job!
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    No worries on the copy and paste. Since forum archives tend to last a long time, it's a good thing to post your results.

    I know there are a lot of complications in a camera like this but I do think Nikon's instruction writers have a thing or two to learn.
  • Yeah it took a good few replies to get this response out of them!
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    I just bought the D5300, but I won't be able to get to it until Monday. You should have built in Wifi. Have you tried the mobile app? It supports live view when taking pictures. I haven't tried using it for video yet.
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    Hi I tried this software called Helicon. It seems to work ok for remote on the D5300..
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    Great resources @steeleyes.
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