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Printing photos

edited December 2014 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
Hi all,

When you decide to print your pictures, do you convert NEF to JPEG and print or do you print straight from NEF format?
If so how is this done, as I have never done this before!


  • edited December 2014
    Assuming you're using a standard sort of program such as View NX2, you're actually printing the JPG overlay even if you do not convert. So if your program allows you to print, and if you like the image you see on the screen, go ahead and print it. You don't need to create new files or conversions unless you wish to change something, such as downsizing the file.

  • I have a Canon CP910 Selphy color printer. It is great to take-along because of its small size. Is there any way to connect this Selphy printer to a D5100 and have photos print out as they are taken - either by WiFi or using a cable??
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