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Flash pops out but bulb not working - D5200

edited December 2014 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
I have a D5200. Just yesterday, all of a sudden the camera flash bulb would not work. The Flash pops up just like before (when I force it through settings) but there is nothing from the bulb.

The battery appears to be full. Does this mean I have to replace or repair the flash bulb? Anything else to check? Any settings?

One thing I noticed is "The Flash Control for Built in Flash" under menu is grayed out, but is set to TTL. Since it is grayed out, if I try to change the settings a message pops up saying " This option is not available in the current settings or camera's current state".


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    What happens when you force it through the flash button instead of settings? In other words, in A mode, it should pop up when you push the flash button and operate as a fill flash. Try it in A mode. If it does not fire when it's physically opened, and the flash icon on the screen shows the little lightning bolt, then I would guess it's not working right. When the flash is physically opened in P,S,A or M mode, you can hold down the flash button and use the thumbwheel to choose flash options, or use the "i" screen.

    On the D3200, the menu option is grayed out in all but P,S,A and M modes. All others use flash settings that are not available to the user. If in one of those modes you push the "i" button, you can highlight the flash icon, but you cannot choose any options. In order to choose other setting options you must go to the P,S,A or M mode.

    On the D3200 (don't know if it's the same on the D5100), the menu option is only between TTL and manual flash settings. All other flash options such as red-eye, rear curtain, etc., are done either with the flash button or the "i" menu.
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