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edited December 2014 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
I have the same problem as glodo. Does anyone have any further ideas?


  • edited December 2014
    I had this problem briefly and intermittently on my D3200, and it has now, it seems, recovered. Mine acted the same as if I was continuing to hold down the "i" button instead of releasing it. The best advice I could find was that it may be a dirty or contaminated keyboard membrane. If it does not recover, one can get it repaired, but if it's dirt Nikon will probably not consider it a warranty issue. When I took mine into the dealer, it would not misbehave on demand, and they suggested that if a problem is not consistent Nikon might not be able to fix it at all if they can't make it happen.

    The other possibility, mentioned in the Nikon manual is static electricity. The problem for me has only occurred inside the house!

    I found with mine that when everything froze, one of two things would unfreeze it: either a second push of the "i" button, or a push of the shutter mode button (s,c, timer, etc.). For some reason, when no other button worked, that one did. All I needed was to go into shutter mode, push "OK" and all came back to life.

    So about the only thing I can recommend is that if you experience a freeze-up, you try every button that is there in the hope that one will respond. If you can't find a button that does this, it's time to send it back to Nikon.
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