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Having trouble with RAW images

edited December 2014 Posted in » Canon 60D Forum

Can someone help me? When I bracket a shot in RAW the +2 exposure shot in RAW causes problems in that it picks up a lot of red in the skyline where as the JPEG shots are fine. I am not sure why it does this? It looks even worse when I merge all three shots for HDR. The regular exposure is fine as well as the under exposed shots. This occurs even when the sun is directly overhead and even behind me with a 2:00 PM position in the sky.

This only seems to happen out doors or in situations of high lighting. Even with the sun overhead I still can't get a good shot of the sky. Here is the link where I posted the three shots. The one with the red in the skyline is the +2 exposure value shot in RAW, then the one with the extreme gradient is a shot where I merged all three shots at =2, 0 +2 exposure vales, and the JPG shot at +2 which is washed out, but seems to be fine when I merge the JPGs for HDR.
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