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Mechanical problem with brand new D3200

edited November 2014 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
I just purchased a D3200 with the standard kit lens. Everything seemed fine for a week or so, and then this morning I couldn't get the built-in flash to work. There is a manual button to pull up the flash, but it would not work. I contacted Nikon USA and got a technical support rep on the phone. After ten minutes he said the camera would have to be sent in for repair. Fortunately, I bought it from a on-line store, and the person I spoke with in Customer Service offered to immediately send me a replacement and then gave me the return authorization for the first one. I find it highly ironic that I have known about Nikon for close to 50 years, and when I finally bought a Nikon it worked for one week before having a problem. I wonder if others have had issues with this model. I noticed that it is made in Thailand, for what that is worth. One positive thing about Nikon is they have technical staff available during business hours to help customers. The service is free and unlimited - that is excellent support.


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    Well, that is not a problem that has occurred with mine, which has been trouble free and seems to be quite as it should be after over 7500 shots.

    Anyway, it's good to hear that you got such good service so you can get back in action.

    As far as Thailand manufacture is concerned, you'll hear opinions all over the map. It appears that Nikon sends all high-density SLR manufacture to Thailand, including some of the higher level machines such as the D810. After the flooding in Thailand, it seems much of the manufacturing facilities there are new. Of course labor is cheaper in Thailand and China than in Japan, though you might not notice it when you look at the price tag! Anyway, there is no choice for a D3200 or many other D models, so we'd better hope that the people who say Nikon quality control applies just as well in Thailand are right.
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    Sorry to hear about your faulty camera, but good to hear that Nikon and your retailer took good care of you.

    There’s been no mass D3200 issues, so take comfort in knowing that yours was likely just an isolated incident. Happens with every product.

    The made in Thailand issue isn’t a big deal. Nikon has had screw-ups in the past but it doesn’t appear that the country of origin is to blame. They’re more like design or engineering issues.
    Canon’s camera bodies are made in Japan, but that doesn’t exempt them from manufacturing defects. (Btw, I’m not trying to put down Canon as a brand! Just trying to make a point!)
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